Slack or Discord?

An overview of some of the updates coming soon to Codewell.

Hello, hope you are having a wonderful day!

We have some pretty big updates coming soon to Codewell and with those updates we’d like to focus more on community engagement and feedback.

TL;DR We want to hear your opinion about potentially migrating from Slack to Discord, we are interested in hearing what you have to say, positive or negative.

Here’s why we’re considering the move:

  • No 10k message limits, currently on Slack, once we reach 10k messages, older messages will start getting deleted and meaningful discussions are being lost in the dark.

  • Easier to use voice chat and screen sharing — as we focus more on creating an engaged community, event discussions will be easier to hold through Discord’s voice and screen sharing.

  • More channel organization, allowing us to nail down the type of content each channel can have.

Please take a minute to let us know which platform you prefer and reason.

Vote Slack or Discord

Thank you!